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LS3578FZ Cordless Rugged Scanner Kit (USB, Fuzzy Logic)

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Retail Price:$1,033.00
Part Number:LS3578-FZBU0100UR
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The Motorola LS3578 Series of Bluetooth-enabled cordless laser bar code scanners combine superior data capture quality with ergonomic, yet rugged, features to meet the demands of any industrial application in the yard, warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant. With rugged design, integrated Bluetooth capabilities and a wide working range for scanning items at varying distances, these scanners arrive ready for real-time data capture.

The LS3578-FZ scanner features fuzzy logic technology based on advanced scanning algorithms to provide accurate and fast reading of worn, damaged, dirty and poorly printed bar codes typically found in warehouses and manufacturing environments. The versatile LS3578-ER scanner can read bar codes as close as four inches and as far away as 45 feet providing the greatest working range of any available rugged laser scanner on the market.

Sealed to IP65 specifications against water and dust and able to withstand multiple 6.5 foot drops to concrete, the LS3578 Series includes open Bluetooth technology enabling easy integration with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. In addition, Remote Scanner Management (RSM) technology allows site administrators to immediately locate scanners and push multiple application updates simultaneously from a central remote location to reduce management time and costs.

This product comes with a Standard 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.  See Extended Hardware Warranties for additional services.

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